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"Facilities are awesome!"
"Love the smiling faces!"
"Like the dress up/fun theme days!"
"The staff coaches instead of babysitting/playing"
"You are nice and make us work hard!"


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Parachute Fun!!

Summer Registration has begun!  Click on the Summer Schedule arrow to reserve your spot in our gymnastics or ninja classes!  

Printable Summer Schedule

Printable School-Year Schedule

 Register for classes at any time!  341-5914
Gymnastics is a great foundation for all children!  Once they gain a foundation of movement in gymnastics, they become well prepared to take on any other sport they choose!

We have a school-year schedule and summer schedule and we allow registration at any time.  Call today to give your child a great foundation for a healthy life!


Physical:  Coordination, Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Poise, Agility

Cognitive:  Following directions, Concentration, Listening Skills, Goal Setting

Social/Emotional:  Fun, Making Friends, Confidence, Accomplishments

More Info

Private Lessons
Available from your
favorite coach! 
Specialize in an event or skill.  Cheerleaders work on your skills with a qualified coach.  Ask at the front desk for rates and times.

Make-ups for
Missed Classes

Please call to reserve a spot in a class for your make-up

What's New?

  • Our business was profiled in Saturday's edition of the Daily Post! Click here to read the article!
  • We have expanded our new services menu! Click here to learn more.


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